Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


Not many high school or college basketball games to talk about today, but we do have two local teams who will be in action. Fort Sumner will be squaring off against Melrose today, those two games will take place in the Melrose facility late afternoon and early evening. And the Floyd Broncos and Lady Broncos will be in action but they’ll be on the road tonight in Tatum. Doesn’t get much bigger for the Greyhound Ladies for the game against Texas A&M Commerce, because the Greyhound Ladies in first place, we’d like to keep it that way. They’ll be playing against Commerce at 4:30 Mountain Time. I’ll be broadcasting that game on AM 1450. The Greyhound Guys are trying to keep their share of fourth place. They’ll be playing against Commerce at 6:30, which will be broadcast on 105.9 KSEL Country.


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On February 19:

Farwell 54 Hale Center 36 (b)

Portales 68 Artesia 48 (b)

Portales 58 Artesia 55 (g)

Elida 60 Lake Arthur 21 (b)

Elida 51 Lake Arthur 5 (g)

Floyd 65 Dora 62 (b)

Dora 47 Floyd 38 (g)

Melrose 75 Grady 55 (b)

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