Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


PORTALES (KSEL)- Eastern New Mexico head men’s basketball coach Tres Segler announced that current assistant coach, Andre Shaw, will be promoted to associate head coach.

Shaw served on Segler’s staff this past season at Eastern New Mexico, but spent multiple years alongside Segler at Midwestern State University before making his way to Eastern New Mexico.

“Andre and I have been with each other long enough that were more like brothers than we are co-workers,” Segler said. “He definitely covers up my weaknesses with his strengths, and we’re able to get so much done because both our work ethics match up.”

Shaw has demonstrated an abundance of strengths as a coach during his year on the sidelines for the Greyhounds, but has used his recruiting prowess to attract top talent to all of the programs he has been apart of. For a year and a half, Shaw has been the lead recruiter for the Greyhounds and has found student-athletes from all across the United States and the world.

The Hounds roster this season will feature players from Venezuela, The Bahamas, and Gabon, Africa. Coach Shaw has been instrumental in finding, recruiting, and signing these student-athletes as the next class in the Eastern New Mexico basketball family.

On the court, Shaw specializes in improving and strengthening the Greyhound’s guard play. He works daily with all players but focuses his time with the guards in order to create higher shooting percentages, lower turnover rates, and increased toughness within the program’s talented pool of scoring guards.

Shaw enjoyed a stellar collegiate playing career at Western New England University, scoring 1,143 points in three seasons at the NCAA Division III level, averaging 17.0 points per game. He brings that offensive mindset to the Greyhounds perimeter players and has helped increase the Hounds scoring attack since arriving in Portales.

Opposing coaches note Shaw’s abilities as a scouter and game preparation specialist.

“Andre has worked incredibly hard to breakdown the many different coaching systems that exist in the Lone Star Conference,” Segler said. “He’s got a great eye for recognizing what an opposing team wants to do, and always prepares our team for how we can stop opponents.”

Shaw has been instrumental to Segler as a sounding board on the sidelines and in life.

“Andre is a brother in many ways to me,” Segler said. “He’s got the courage and integrity to hold me accountable and to push me to be the best version of myself. That’s our secret I think. We keep pushing each other to be better, and then that mentality spills over into our program with our young men that were leading.”

Shaw’s fiancé Nicole and son Nixon have been instrumental parts of Shaw’s success as well. It’s clear that Shaw remembers his relationship with his father when his son Nixon runs around the court with the Greyhounds after practices.

“Success doesn’t just find you, you have to work for it,” Shaw’s fiancée Nicole said. “Since the beginning of his career Andre has given his all to this game and has worked his way to this position. His drive is unmatched and that’s what makes him successful at what he does.”

It’s clear that Shaw has the right stuff for this promotion and this honor. It sounds like an exciting season is in store for Greyhound Nation, and Coach Shaw will be an instrumental part of the Greyhounds’ success.

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