Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Yucca Middle School science teacher wins 5-year scholarship for UNM Stem Leadership Program

Media Release, Clovis Municipal Schools:


Yucca Middle School eighth grade science teacher, Laura Debusk, has been accepted for a prestigious National Science Foundation fellowship in the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Science Teacher Association’s Noyce Program.

Debusk’s role in the program comes with a five-year commitment to remain in teaching at a high-need school and participation in program sessions, trips, conferences and courses, as well as complete related activities and tasks and contribute toward research as part of her fellowship.

In exchange, she will receive an annual stipend of $12,800, plus travel expenses, to aid in her studies and leadership development.

Collectively, the program is known as “TODOS” an acronym for “Teachers Organizing Diverse Opportunities across STEM.”


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) are focal areas for education, as demand for skills in those areas continue to be at the forefront worldwide.

“To be a part of the TODOS program is amazing,” Debusk said upon news of her acceptance.

“The fact that this experience could lead to becoming a Teacher Leader throughout the state and expanding my zone of influence is an opportunity that I have been looking for. This is a very humbling experience. Networking with others around the state is such a great learning experience.”

Clovis Municipal Schools is focused on expanding STEM and STEAM education and learning opportunities for students throughout the district as a way to better prepare them to excel in the worlds of today and tomorrow.

In addition to teaching in the district since 2017, Debusk serves as a department head, and district Teacher Leader. She also coaches, and works with the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFJROTC) Drill Team.

Teachers such as Debusk, who demonstrate such impressive dedication to their field, are a vital part of providing students the quality education and programs they will benefit most from.

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