Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

With the holidays come opportunities for theft

CLOVIS (KSMX)-  The Clovis Police Department would like to remind people to please report suspicious activity that you see in the community and in your neighborhood this Holiday Season.

Contact the Clovis Police Department at (575) 769-1921 or in case of an emergency dial 911.

  • Every Holiday Season there are numerous reported vehicle and home burglaries in which the victim’s property was targeted as a crime of opportunity. Doors to vehicles and homes had been left unlocked by the victims, and the burglars were looking for such unsecured property as an easy opportunity to steal.
  • If you receive packages to your home, please make arrangements to have them delivered when you are home. Package theft is on the rise across America. Don’t let the “Porch Pirates”, steal your packages.
  • The other issue is that of securing high-value items such as purses, wallets, firearms and gifts that are left in personal vehicles while people are out shopping at the local mall and merchant stores during the Christmas Holiday Season. Please remember to secure these items and not leave them in your car overnight or when going shopping, as these items are the target of opportunity for these thieves.
  • Secure gift purchases in the trunk or covered area in your vehicle out of sight of prying eyes. Make trips home to secure high-value gifts.
  • Always be alert to your surroundings while shopping and going in and out of parking lots at retail stores.

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