Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Ute Water Commission tackle some tough decisions

CLOVIS (KSMX)- Members of the Ute Water Commission met today during a regular meeting to undertake some difficult decisions pertaining to the new JPA agreement.

One of the major discussions amongst members was that of the guidelines set for entities to be and remain eligible for water rights and transfers within the JPA.¬†Many of the members made an argument that if an entity has relinquished the allocation of water rights, they should be “out completely”. Others argued that though they do not have water rights, they should be able to preserve the right to be members of the JPA and be able to buy back in if/when they decide to return.

Curry County, Roosevelt County, and Melrose have all transferred allocations elsewhere. The Curry County representative, along with the Roosevelt County Representative, stated that though the counties have relinquished water rights to the City of Clovis and to the City of Portales, they want to still be involved as a member of the JPA because of uncertainties that may come in the future.

7 out of 10 members (with one being absent) agreed that if an entity does not have water allotment, they will be allowed to remain in the JPA but will not have a vote for future decisions until they do.

A new JPA will be drafted and presented at the next commission meeting.




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