Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

UPDATE: 800 donations of surgical mask straps made from 3d printer

CLOVIS (KSMX)- 3 weeks ago, Eric Collings, owner of Zip Print and Designs, took “a sledgehammer approach” to help meet the needs of healthcare professionals and citizens in the community and surrounding areas by using his resources to create medical equipment.

With access to a 3D printer, Collings has created surgical mask straps for those needing to take extra precautions in their line of work or for health reasons. However, with the printer he had access to, he was only able to create 4 mask straps every hour. With the demand for this piece of equipment outpacing his ability to create the straps, Colling took to the community for assistance.

Through a GoFundme account, the Eastern High Plains community raised approximately $2,300 dollars for a new printer that Collings has pledged to donate to the Clovis Carver Library after the demand for mask straps lessens.

“I love this printer. It has been so efficient in this project and meeting demand easily.”

With making 8 every 49 minutes, Collings has made approximately 800 donations of mask straps. With the extra money from the account, Collings will be able to supply 12,000 more straps for anyone in need of this equipment.

Collings also stated that after finishing an order of facemasks going to a corrections facility in East Texas, he will be looking to make facemasks for those in high contact risk employment.

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