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Upcoming road overlay schedule for Curry County

Media Release, Curry County Road Department:


Overlay on Curry Road 11 from Wheaton (Curry Road M) to Curry Road N – Monday, August 21st, 2023

Chip Seal in the Melrose Area on Curry Road AI from Curry Road 12 to Curry Road 14 – August 23rd-August 24th, 2023


Overlay project will begin at Curry Road 11 and Curry Road N we will be working East to Wheaton (CRM), this project will take no more than one (1) day to complete. We will close this section of this roadway while we are

Melrose chip seal project will begin at Curry Road AI and Curry Road 12 we will be working North to CR14, this project will take no more than two (2) days to complete. We will close sections of this roadway that we will be working.

We are asking all persons to PLEASE SEEK AN ALTERNATE ROUTE. Area residents are encouraged to schedule activities to minimize use of these roads for 3-4 hours after the surfacing is applied.

We know that everyone is anxious to have these roads completed, but please help us during these times by keeping the roads clear so this process may be completed in a timely manner. Thank you for your assistance during this time.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Walon Jones at (575) 762-1501.

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