Mon. Mar 27th, 2023


The New Mexico Department of Transportation is launching a
revamped ‘Toss NO Mas’ litter campaign beginning Monday, May 10.
“Roadside litter has become a persistent issue for the department and New Mexico,” said Transportation Secretary Mike Sandoval. “We have 886 boots on the ground picking up litter and roadside debris throughout the year, but the problem is ongoing. The day after a stretch of road is cleaned, new trash starts to accumulate. During the pandemic, the problem seemed to get worse. PPE was found everywhere. We are asking for everyone’s help,” adds Sandoval.

The ‘Toss No Mas’ campaign was created in the 90’s by Cooney-Watson Productions. After visiting 96 locations around the state, it was discovered on average, litter in New Mexico was found along the busiest highways every 3 feet! Recognizing the current litter issue, the NMDOT decided to bring back the successful Spanish slogan and give it a modern facelift.

The department found the largest litter accumulations come from people not tying up their garbage bags, tarping their loads or picking up dropped debris or litter. A new logo and slogan “Can the Trash” was created by RK Venture, along with a broader message to “Tie it. Tarp it. Pick it up”
You can visit their website at<>
to find information about the new campaign containing facts
about how litter affects our communities, advice on how to tie/tarp loads on vehicles and ways for people to get involved and volunteer in their neighborhoods.

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