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CLOVIS (KSMX)- The end of the summer is right around the corner and the crew at the Clovis Carver Library has worked hard to make sure your little ones have been having the time of their lives. From hosting movie Mondays and Lego Clubs to Storytime, the Clovis Carver Library incorporates not only fun activities but also educational topics.

Ashley Maestas, the Children’s Librarian, has hosted story times throughout the summer for pre-school ages and tiny tots.

“I think it helps promote literacy in children. They get excited about the books I read, a lot of them will even check out the books that I read. Or sparks interest in those subjects.”

New to the Clovis Carver Library as the children’s library, she gives thanks and credit to the past librarian (Rachel Gibbons) for training her in these events. For the entire of summer 2019, Maestas hosted story time for two age groups, tiny tots and pre-school ages. There was great interest  from the children and themes that made this event enjoyable and children wanting to return week after week.

A study (in the Handbook of Early Literacy Research, Volume 2, edited by Susan Neuman and David Dickinson) shared that in middle income neighborhoods the ratio of books per child is 13 to 1, while in low-income neighborhoods that ratio is a staggering 1 age appropriate book for every 300 children. The National Center for Education Statistics’ evaluation of No Child Left Behind reading proficiency scores painted a picture that reflects this difference in these ratios. In 2005, 36% of all 4th graders scores in the “Below Basic” proficiency level, while 54% of 4th graders who were eligible for the school lunch program scored in the “Below Basic” proficiency level.

Even though the Clovis Carver Library will start winding down in August, there are still so many opportunities and books to check out!

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