Tue. Apr 16th, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- The Clovis City Commission has approved the alcohol license and the waiver of distance requirement from a church for Roosevelt Brewing with a 6-1 vote.

Two members of the public spoke out against the decision saying, “we now have these places downtown where the public can take part in drinking where then leads to driving. The amount of resources for those who are abusing alcohol are limited and now there would be three in the same area”.

Commissioner Elliot who voted against the approval of both waiver and license, stated “now that having three places to jump around where they can have multiple drinks at multiple places and possible drive drunk, bothers me and concerns me, especially near a church”.

Commissioner Garza called upon Justin Cole, owner of Roosevelt Brewing, to shed light on some of the concerns from the public.

Commissioner Garza stated that he was confused over the comments from the public who stated that this place will create a wild atmosphere or can lead to substance abuse. “Having a place of business that one can come in order food and perhaps have a drink would not mean that people would automatically become alcoholics. People who abuse the substance will continue whether it’s at these establishments or not”.

Cole who was born and raised in Clovis stated that the property intended for the brewery is approximately 297.5 ft from the church in question (there must be at least 300 feet minimum from a church). He also stated that “the culture and atmosphere surrounding a brewery are very much different than a bar”.

The Roosevelt Brewery in Portales operates with an in house 3 drink limit and all servers who must have a liquor license to handle alcohol practices with accordance of state laws to not serve to intoxicated people.

“In over seven years of business (Roosevelt Brewery in Portales) we have had zero incidents of over serving,” stated Mr. Cole.

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