Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024


Monday morning at Clovis Community College’s virtual board of trustees meeting Robin Jones, executive vice president of Academic Affairs at Clovis Community College, was voted to serve as the college’s interim president for three weeks, starting Monday. Jones was chosen on a 4-0 vote with Trustee Terry Martin absent for Monday’s virtual meeting.

The board is set to schedule another special meeting to confirm the college’s current standing and learn the status of the ongoing investigation of CCC’s president Charles Nwankwo.  Nwankwo was placed on administrative leave on Aug. 3, pending the outcome of an investigation of alleged misconduct being conducted by Cuddy and McCarthy, an Albuquerque law firm.

The board launched the investigation in May after CCC employee groups presented letters and resolutions of “no confidence” in Nwankwo’s ability to lead the campus. Allegations against Nwankwo include that he “has shown to be an incompetent administrator and has demonstrated a remarkable degree of unprofessionalism in conduct and behaviors.”

In his two years at CCC’s helm, the letters to board members state, Nwankwo “has done much damage to the operation and climate of Clovis Community College,” adding that the college “cannot fulfill its mission with him at the helm.”

The letters further allege that Nwankwo has shown “behaviors and actions that demean employees” in private and in public.

The decision followed an executive session at the end of the board’s regular monthly meeting Wednesday August 3rd.

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