Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


PORTALES (KSEL)- Normally property tax bills are issued on November 1, however, there will be delays this year due to legislation.

House bill 407 will be on the voting ballot this year and because of the unknown outcome, Portales Treasurer Layle Sanchez has stated that tax bills will be issued later and due later.

How taxes fell this year there will be a $0.07 per $100,000 value increase in Portales city limits on non-residential properties.

Tax bills will hopefully be issued by December 1, will be due December 10 and considered late or delinquent after January 10 of 2020.

There is also one voting matter that includes a mill levy that Portales Municipal Schools is hoping will be passed for the next five years.

The school board passes a technology bond every two years. That bond has proved to be more expensive and the schools see less funding when all costs from that bond have been paid to professional services. (bond attorneys, interest, etc.). Funding through House Bill 33 allows school districts to instead use the mill levy and receive the money directly instead of paying interest.

The Eastern New Mexico News reports, for property owners in the Portales school district, the 1.25 mill would run through 2024. The tax impact would be $41.67 annually on a $100,000 piece of property, but Portales Schools Superintendent Johnnie Cain said the goal is to phase out an existing bond to neutralize the impact.

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