Sun. Jun 4th, 2023


During this time of year, communities are officially in full swing as they continue to prepare for the holidays. Christmas time is quickly approaching, and the celebration should be full of fun, laughter, and love as we cherish family and friends. The Clovis Police Department would like to wish you and your family a very merry holiday season.

They would also like to remind all of our citizens as the holidays are upon us, to avoid being caught up in the rush and becoming victim to those with less than desirable intentions.

By following a few reminders; you can greatly decrease your chances of becoming a victim of crime and avoid the “Christmas Blues”.

When gift shopping; park close to your destination. Make sure to stay in well-lit areas, and secure all your packages out of public view. The best case is to place packages into the truck of your vehicle so not easily spotted by criminal opportunists

Keep handbags and wallets close to your body so not easily accessed and never out of sight.

When making purchases, use a credit card rather than a check/debit card. This can reduce funds being accessed from your banking institution.

Report suspicious people or activity. When out and about, if you see someone looking in vehicles, around vehicles and residences report them immediately to the police.

Home security during the holidays is crucial. The Clovis Police Department offers security checks for your residence. If you plan to travel, you can request a vacation home check. Critical information is to provide a good contact phone number for local residents available to respond should an incident occur.

When purchasing via the internet, use only trusted companies you have conducted business prior business with or reputable companies. Avoid using pop-up ads as they may be phishing scams or contain malware.

Always remember to follow all traffic laws when driving to and from special events and celebrations during this season. If you and your family are traveling, we would like you to enjoy your trip, but we mostly would appreciate your safe return to the City of Clovis. 

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