Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Starlink satellites visible above the High Plains this week

If you happen to notice strange lights hovering in the sky over Clovis this week, don’t panic! It’s not aliens. It’s Starlink.

Starlink consists of thousands of satellites that orbit roughly 342 miles above Earth. It launched back in 2019 and on certain days, when the weather permits, the string of lights can be seen glowing over Amarillo, Clovis, and Hereford if you know when and where to look.

The light these satellites give off is reflected from the sun as they orbit above earth providing broadband internet access around the world. These satellites are often easy to spot when they travel over the High Plains region and can be tracked via Findstarlink.com which allows users to see when the satellites will be visible (My High Plains News, Caden Keenan, 7.20.23).

This week, the best time to spot the satellites in Clovis is Friday, July 28th at 5:08 AM.

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