Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Southwest Cheese Wins Kangaroo Naming Contest

CLOVIS, NM, From the City of Clovis City Manager’s Office

The City of Clovis and the Hillcrest Park Zoo organized a contest for individuals and businesses to bid for the naming rights of the Hillcrest Park Zoo’s newest additions, two baby red kangaroos, a male, and a female. The bidding period ended at 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 28, 2023. The City of Clovis would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who bid in this contest and announce that Southwest Cheese placed the highest bid of $4,000.00 to name the new kangaroos, “Pepper and Jack.” Bidding took place over an eleven-day period from April 17 – April 28, 2023, and received multiple responses and creative name ideas. From Hop & Scotch to Jack & Jill, Hillcrest Park Zoo fans really had a great time submitting their favorite names for the baby kangaroos.

The City of Clovis and Hillcrest Park Zoo hosted a ‘Kangaroo Meet & Greet’ on April 26 at the Youth Recreation Building that was attended by over 100 zoo membership holders & contest participants. “We would like to thank Southwest Cheese for their interest in naming our red kangaroos and for their support of the Hillcrest Park Zoo,” commented Zoo Director, Damian Lechner. “We hope to continue our partnership with them in the future and are currently seeking more ways to involve the community in efforts to improve our local zoo.”

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