Wed. May 22nd, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- Officials at Melrose schools has become aware of a scammer using their athletic department and booster club to ask for large sums of donation from local businesses. Dianna Roach confirmed Thursday that Melrose administration has taken precautions against this scam by warning any businesses or persons publicly.

“If anyone has been contacted by callers who have been asking for money on behalf of the Melrose Athletic Department and Booster Club, know that it is a FRAUD. You know everyone wants to help students and do whatever they can for them so it’s sad that they are receiving these calls.”

Businesses are receiving calls four to five times a day from these users. One woman had been asked for $700 one phone call and was called back to donate $100 more. She then asked questions that the caller could not answer and knew it was a scam.

If you are contacted by these callers, Melrose Schools advise to take as much information from them and let them know so they may track them down.

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