Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Sagamore Wind Project components arriving via Hobbs railhead

HOBBS (KSMX)- Turbine components for Xcel Energy’s Sagamore Wind Project has started to arrive at a railhead in north Hobbs and will be shipped to the construction site in Roosevelt County starting in April.

Sagamore is a 522-megawatt facility under construction that will provide wind energy to Xcel Energy’s New Mexico and Texas customers when it is completed in the latter part of the year.

The Hobbs railhead is located at State Highway 18 and Jack Gomez Boulevard. Components that will be shipped from this location include tower sections, blades and generators.

Xcel Energy estimates it will require 1,920 shipments to deliver all the components over a six-month period. The trucks will travel the nearly 100-mile route by way of Highway 18 to Lovington and State Highway 206 north of Lovington to Dora.

Components will then travel to each turbine site at various turnoffs from State Highway 206. Each shipment will typically involve a leading and trailing pilot car with a wide load signs.

The Sagamore Wind Project will have 240 turbines. Work began in late 2019 with the construction of roads and excavation of turbine bases. More than 100 bases have been completed, and more than half the roads are finished. Construction of turbines will start in the latter part of April and continue through the fall.

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