Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024


The Sagamore Wind Project – the largest wind project in New Mexico’s history – is now complete. With 240 turbines located near Portales and Dora, the wind farm’s 522 megawatts of wind energy will deliver enough clean, carbon-free electricity to power about 194,000 homes.

The project is a win-win for stimulating the economy while supporting rural America, and the development of the wind farm has already made an enormous positive impact on Eastern New Mexico. Sagamore provided 400-500 jobs during construction and ongoing operations will create 30-40 fulltime jobs. The project, which is expected to start generating electricity by December 31, 2020, will also deliver an estimated $89 million in payments to 175 landowners, $101 million in property taxes and approximately $44 million in gross receipts tax.

Fun fact: The wind turbine bases are made up of 100,000 cubic yards of concrete. To install 240 turbines, they used enough concrete to build a sidewalk from Clovis, NM to Dallas, TX!

To watch the virtual celebration, click the link below:

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