Fri. May 24th, 2024

Roswell judge puts PED mandate on hold

After a hearing yesterday in Roswell, Judge Dustin Hunter put the NM PED’s infamous 180 day school year ruling on ice. This comes after a lawsuit was originally filed by the New Mexico Superintendent’s Association against the PED to push back on “overreach” in the form of this 180 day rule. According to the Associated Press, Consideration of the 180-day rule began last year, bringing about opposition. It wasn’t until this year’s legislative session wrapped up that the PED announced it would be implementing the rule that would take effect July 1.

The backlash came immediately from all corners of the state. Most New Mexico school districts signed letters of support against the PED’s rule, stating a lack of budget approval as a driving cause. “If the Legislature had intended to expand the number of days with all the accompanying costs — such as transportation and food and specialty providers such as special education and everything else — it necessarily would have provided the funding or given clear guidance as to why it was unable to,” Justice Hunter said. Attorneys for the plaintiffs also claimed that 98% of the public comments they received from thousands across the state were against the PED’s rule.

In March of this year, Aresenio Romero, who is serving as secretary for the PED, claimed this was one of many of the implementations he and the department had planned to help New Mexico rise in the ranks of public education. As of 2020, the state sits at #50 in public education compared to the rest of the Union, while being  #23 in funding equity and 19th in the percentage of total taxable resources spent on education.


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