Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office releases statement on social media pertaining to public health mandates

ROOSEVELT COUNTY (KSEL)- The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, along with other counties, has posted a statement on Facebook expressing that they will not be “enforcing any mandates set by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham or the New Mexico Department of Health”.

Roosevelt County Sheriff, Malin Parker, said that “my statement on social media is not to encourage or discourage anyone from opening or closing their business.”

“My statement on social media is simply that if you choose to exercise your constitutional rights and open your business, we ask that you do so safely and according to the Governor’s guidelines that she outlined for the big box stores so that small businesses can remain open as well.”

According to the social media post, Sheriff Parker has been in contact with state police and reported that they have the responsibility to respond to complaints via the Covid-19 hotline; they have also stated if they do not receive a complaint, they will not respond.

In January of this year, unemployment rates were seen at a “normal” 9,600 New Mexican receiving benefits and 650-800 applications being processed. Since March 15 numbers have skyrocketed hitting 72,806 New Mexicans receiving benefits and 123,816 active applications.

During a press conference on Wednesday, April 22, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that her public health order keeping non-essential businesses closed will be extended to May 15 and state officials unveiled a plan to reopen the economy which included several phases in which steps will be taken to ensure success and safety.

  • Preparation Phase:
    – All individuals are instructed to stay home
    – Industry Councils will develop COVID safe practices (CSP)
    – Define how businesses will protect employees and customers
  • Phase One:
    – Vulnerable individuals will be instructed to stay home
    – Some non-essential businesses will be permitted to reopen in compliance with safety guides
    – Certain businesses will remain closed
  • Phase Two and Beyond:
    – Additional businesses will be permitted to reopen in compliance with CSP.
    – Larger gatherings and events still restricted for the foreseeable future
    – Other changes will be announced at a later time



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