Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


PORTALES (KSEL)- Material things can be replaced but you only have one life to live was more than likely the mindset of those who were affected by the past fire in the Portales area earlier this year. Despite wind gusts reaching 77 mph at the time of the fire, crews remained on the scene late into the April 10 evening to contain the fires that had reach over 1000 acres of private property near South Roosevelt Road 6 and New Mexico 267. Four homes had been lost as well as a woman of one of the lost homes suffering from smoke inhalation who was transported to local medical authorities. The lady’s residence had been lost in the fire, however thanks to two Roosevelt Sheriff’s deputies and their assistance, she is still alive.

The Roosevelt County Sherriff’s office awarded Lt. Javier Sanchez and Deputy Christian Townsend with a badge of honor for their heroic act earlier this morning (June 26). Roosevelt County Sheriff, Malin Parker, stated that the two saw the woman in distress and lost in the smoke and rushed to her in their vehicle to remove her from the situation. One of the deputies came so close to the flames that he had burnt some of his hair.

“I’m very proud of all my guys. This isn’t the first time that one of my men have received an award for their brave actions, so it makes me a very proud boss to have men such as these.”


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