Sat. May 18th, 2024

Roosevelt County Seeking ICIP Public Input

PORTALES (KSEL)- Roosevelt County is seeking public input on the 2022-2026 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP).

Carol Acosta-Flores, Special Projects Coordinator, updated the Roosevelt Commission Board on the process as she’d completed additional training.

“Projects should be over $50,000, have a well thought out annual operating or maintenance budget, longevity, if the project can be phased, and if so, into how many phases. When funding becomes available the project should be on the ICIP list, as most funding agencies use this list, as does the Governor’s office, when vetting projects for worthiness. Projects need to be prioritized, as the top five will have greater consideration for funding. However, this does not mean a lower priority item will not be funded,” noted Ms. Acosta-Flores.

A list Of current projects by year and rank has been attached and is also available on the County’s website¬†

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