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Rooney Moon Broadcasting is now Global One Media. Four radio stations, five websites, digital streams, apps, and smart speaker skills formerly owned by Rooney Moon Broadcasting, Inc. have been sold.

On October 31st ,2022, Global One Media, Inc. closed on the purchase of the assets of Rooney Moon Broadcasting, Inc. in Clovis and Portales, New Mexico. Local radio stations Mix107.5, 105.9 KSEL Country, Big1015 Classic Rock, and AM 1450 Cow Country were included in the sale, along with all of Rooney Moon’s digital assets, including the HP Radio app, radio station websites and smart speaker skills, and the local news website. Global One Media, Inc. also owns six radio stations and a host of digital assets in Elko, Nevada.

Global One’s CEO, Richard Hudson said, “I’m excited to add the Rooney Moon Broadcasting group to Global One Media. It’s the perfect fit for us and we have no plans to make any changes. In fact, the entire staff of Rooney Moon is staying on and all of the radio stations will continue playing the music you love and providing the daily local content that you rely on.” Hudson continued, “we really love what Steve (Rooney) and Duffy (Moon) have done within the community and it is our goal to continue doing the exact same thing and even more!”

According to Hudson, Duffy Moon has accepted an offer to stay on as President of Global One Media, Inc. with the goal of helping the company expand even further. Hudson said, “what Steve and Duffy have done on the High Plains is exactly what we want to do in every radio market we enter. The Clovis/Portales stations will be the cookie-cutter for the entire company and we have Duffy on board to help us achieve it.”

Duffy Moon and his late partner, Steve Rooney, purchased the radio stations in 2002 and have been a main stay on the High Plain sever since. Said Moon, “it was time for this company that we poured our heart into for so many years to grow and I had reached a point where I felt that I was limited in how I could grow it. Richard has so many forward-thinking ideas, and more importantly, the know-how to implement them.” Moon continued, “I believe our media company has provided amazing things for the community and Global One Media is built on the same principals and ideas. They are hyper-focused on providing local content across multiple platforms, and they do it really well.  This evolution should be a terrific benefit to the High Plains.” Global One Media, Inc. will remain co-located with offices in both Clovis and Portales.

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