Sat. Feb 24th, 2024


Roden-Smith Pharmacy has started administering the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine and will begin to move their vaccination efforts, in partnership with the city of Clovis emergency management, Clovis Family Healthcare, and other local public health entities, off-site to a mobile clinic at the RainTree Grocery Store parking lot opening today, January 18, 2021. Federal and State regulators have mandated that initial supplies must go to the highest risk populations. Vaccines will be available to New Mexicans who are part of Phase 1B, as well as any remaining from Phase 1A. That includes, first and foremost front line healthcare workers (i.e. Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc. and employees of healthcare facilities), then residents at long-term care facilities (i.e. Wheatfields, Beehives, Allcare, Retirement Ranch, etc.), followed by patients 75 years of age and older before moving on to lower risk populations.

Additionally, many patients may have higher risks for complications from COVID-19 due to underlying conditions and may merit being prioritized sooner in the event that extra doses become available before it is open to the general public.

​During its Thursday COVID-19 update, the NMDOH reported the state had received over 153,000 vaccine doses, administered over 108,000 doses, and had more than 429,000 New Mexicans register on its site.

The first round of vaccines for New Mexicans included in Phase 1B began this past week. Roden Smith Pharmacy provided vaccinations to 300 1B locals by Friday, and had vaccinated residents at long-term care facilities in Clovis the week before.

Clovis Mayor Mike Morris said in a previous statement that, “he hopes local efforts will show state officials that the area can handle more doses and that the community wants to participate.

To sign up for your vaccine you must complete a registration form on the Roden Smith website.

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