Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

RGH Nurse receives the Rural Practice Award

PORTALES (KSEL)- For the past 15 years, through their annual Nursing Excellence Awards, the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence has recognized excellence in nursing practice and honored nurses for the contributions they make to their organizations, communities, and our state.

This year, Joreta Creighton from Roosevelt General Hospital was the recipient of the Rural Practice award.

Each year, nurses are awarded in the categories of Excellence in Practice, Excellence in Leadership, and Awards of Distinction.

Since 2005, over 2,800 nurses throughout the state have been nominated for Nursing Excellence Awards. One hundred and ninety nurses were nominated for awards this year.

“We are thrilled to honor Joreta Creighton from Roosevelt General Hospital with the Rural Practice award.  Joreta’s dedication and work is truly helping our community every single day,” said Diane Evans-Prior, DNP, RN, and President of the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Center For Nursing Excellence.  “The Nursing Excellence Awards were created by nurses for nurses, making this state-wide recognition especially meaningful and prestigious within the nursing profession. Being nominated for an award is in and of itself an incredible honor.”

The Excellence in Rural Practice award celebrates nurses who serve New Mexico’s rural and frontier communities. Joreta Creighton consistently puts the patient at the center of her professional practice. She is the epitome of nursing in a rural hospital that strives to serve its community.

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