Wed. May 22nd, 2024


SANTA FE( KSMX) – Tensions continue to rise in Santa Fe, as Republican lawmakers now are pushing back to overturn the proposed bill that would require tightened background checks on gun sales. They are launching that effort with a petition to collect enough signatures and ultimately put it to public vote. They need 10 percent of registered voters from 25 counties for it to even be considered. This comes after 26 of the 33 New Mexico counties voted to become sanctuary counties in response to the proposed law. Fight is coming from both sides however, as Democratic House Speaker Brian Egolf says the effort by the party, is “a waste of time.” He notes that the referendum procedures do not apply to a public safety measure, noting the background-check bill is clearly designed to protect the public. The bill is heading to the Gov. desk, in which she has stated will be signed.

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