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Questions and Answers pertaining to absentee voting

SANTA FE (KSMX)- New Mexico’s Primary Election will take place on June 2 and in recent months the New Mexico Supreme Court ordered state and local election authorities to distribute absentee ballot applications to all registered voters while rejecting a petition to scale back in-person voting in response to the coronavirus.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and the state’s County Clerks have stated, “it’s critical that everyone wanting to vote in the Primary Election has their up-to-date voter registration on file to ensure absentee ballots are sent to the correct address. The deadline to update your voter registration ahead of the June Primary Election is May 5”.

All New Mexico voters registered with a major political party will have an absentee ballot application mailed to them.

Instead of having an absentee ballot application automatically mailed to them, voters can submit an absentee ballot application online now at NMVOTE.ORG (or, through one of the other ways detailed below).

The following is popular questions when it comes to absentee voting:

When does absentee voting begin for the June 2, primary election?

May 5, is the first day that County Clerks can mail absentee ballots to those eligible New Mexico voters who requested them.

A mailed ballot must be requested no later than May 28.

Who can request an absentee ballot in New Mexico?

Anyone! We have what’s known as a “no-fault” absentee ballot process here in New Mexico which just means that any eligible voter can securely request an absentee ballot.

However, in order to vote in the 2020 Primary Election, you must be registered with a major political party (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian) before May 5. If you are not registered with a major political party you will not be able to participate in the 2020 Primary Election.

How can I request an absentee ballot?

There are a few ways to get an absentee ballot.

How do I request an absentee ballot for a blind or visually impaired voter?

Absentee ballots have been designed in New Mexico so that a voter who is blind or visually impaired may independently use their own non-visual or low-vision technology to mark their ballot. Find more info on our website here.

What if I’m a military or overseas voter?

Complete info about the military and overseas voting in New Mexico can be found at this page on our website here.

How do I return my absentee ballot?  When is the deadline?

All absentee ballots may be returned by mail (with postage already paid for by the state) to your County Clerk’s Office, or in-person at an alternative voting location, mobile alternative voting location, or any Election Day polling location no later than 7 pm on June 2.

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