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CLOVIS (KSMX)- A number of select over-the-counter eye drops and ointments sold at Walgreens and Walmart have been recalled over concerns the product may not be sterile.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Pharmaceuticals Inc. issued recalls for Walgreens and Walmart store brand products and a third recall for Perrigo prescription ointments.

On the FDA’s website, there are 23 affected products under different product names and brands and 150 affected lots have the potential for non-sterility.

Below is the list of products from each store.

Walgreens Recalled Products

  • Lubricant Eye Drops Moisturizing: 0363-0185-13; lot 19095.
  • Lubricant Eye Drops Moisturizing Twin Pack: 0363-0185-49; lot 19095.
  • Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Ointment, 5% Hypertonicity Eye Ointment:  0363-7500-50; lot TCI.
  • Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Solution, 5% Hypertonicity Eye Drops: 0363-0193-13; lots 19105 and 19050.
  • Lubricant Eye Ointment PF Soothing: 0363-0191-50; lot TDB.

Walmart Recalled Products

  • Equate Restore Tears Lubricant Eye Drops Twin Pack: 49035-189-49.
  • Equate Eye Allergy Relief Drops: 49035-887-13.
  • Equate Sterile Lubricant Stye Ointment: 49035-875-50.
  • Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Gel Twin Pack: 49035-197-49.
  • Equate Restore PM Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment: 49035-191-50.
  • Equate Night & Day Restore Tears Lubricant Eye Pack: 49035-883-59.
  • Equate Support Advanced Twin Pack: 49035-885-49.
  • Equate Support Advanced Lubricating Eye Drops Dose Preservative Free: 49035-882-54.
  • Equate Support Advanced Lubricant Gel Drops Multi Dose Preservative Free: 49035-882-52.
  • Equate Support Moisture Lubricant Eye Drops: 49035-145-10.
  • Support Harmony Lubricant Eye Drops: 49035-145-10.

Perrigo Recalled Products

  • Neomycin and Polymixin B and Bacitracin Zinc Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4250-35.
  • NEO-POLY DEX (Neomycin and Polymixin B and Dexamethasone) Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4160-35.
  • NEO-POLYCIN HC (Neomycin and Polymixin B and Bacitracin Zinc and Hydrocortisone Acetate) Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4144-35.
  • POLYCIN (Polymixin B and Bacitracin Zinc) Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4021-35.
  • Bacitracin Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4022-35.
  • Sulfacetamide Sodium Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4190-35.
  • Puralube Ophthalmic Ointment: 0574-4025-35 and 0574-4025-20.

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