Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


Ninth Judicial District Attorney, Quentin Ray, announced that on January 24, 2023, Johnny Stonelake, age 48, of Clovis, was ordered back to prison for being in violation of probation.

Stonelake was convicted in 2014 of Criminal Sexual Contact of a Minor. After serving time in at the Department of Corrections, Stonelake was placed on probation. Stonelake violated his probation by cutting off his ankle monitor, failing to report to probation and picking up new charges.  Stonelake picked up new charges to include 3 counts of Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer with a Deadly Weapon, Failing to Comply with Sex Offender Registration Procedures, and Resisting, Evading or Obstructing an Officer.

The Honorable Drew D. Tatum revoked Stonelake’s probation and remanded him to prison for the remainder of his probation term which is set to expire in 2029. The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney, Gina Nunez, and Stonelake was represented by criminal defense attorney, Sandy Gallagher of Clovis.

For more information, please contact the Office of the District Attorney, at 575-769-2246.

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