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Press Release: Businesses Must Be Registered

Press Release From the City of Clovis – 

Building Safety Department Reminds Contractors: Your Business Must Be Registered

CLOVIS, NM (June 9, 2023) – The City of Clovis would like to remind our citizens and businesses about the requirement to register your business with the City of Clovis prior to providing any services within the municipal city limits. For businesses that are providing services that are ancillary to the main property, you will be required to provide property owner verification that you have obtained permission to conduct business at that location. It is recommended that all businesses display the registration or be able to provide customers a copy of the registration if requested.

The City of Clovis has the authority to inspect each business to assure it is in compliance and will be actively enforcing the business registration requirement. A business registration can be obtained at City Hall located at 321 N. Connelly St.

The City of Clovis would further remind contractors that they are required to obtain the appropriate permits prior to performing any work. In order to obtain a permit, the contractor must have a valid business registration and State of New Mexico contractor’s license. A permit needs to be posted on the property in which the work is being performed and in a manner in which the building inspectors can visually observe it. Should this not be adhered to, the building inspector has the authority to issue a stop work order. Building Inspectors will be actively patrolling the community for compliance. All building permits can be obtained at the Building Safety Department located at 1221 Mitchell St.

The City of Clovis Building Safety Department would also like to remind homeowners about the dangers of hiring illegal contractors. Before hiring a contractor for your home or business, it is important to confirm that they have a current, valid contractor’s license and that they are a registered business with the City of Clovis. To confirm business registrations, please contact the City of Clovis Finance Department at (575) 769-7827.

For further information regarding these matters please reach out to City Administration at 575-763-9650.

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