Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024


PORTALES (KSEL)- At Approximately 9:30pm, Portales experienced a 24-inch water line burst at Commercial and Ave. E. This is a major leak and is affecting the whole city. There is currently no estimation for completion of repairs. City Officials are working on setting up water stations around Portales.

The City Water Department has been working since the early morning and all day to remediate the problem. Commercial Street is closed for the repairs.

Officials said they are hopeful water service could be restored late Sunday or early Monday. Once service is restored, a spokeswoman recommended water be boiled before consumption.

The superintendent of Portales Schools, Johnnie Cain, stated that school for Monday, September 9th, is cancelled in Portales. According to Mr. Cain, due to the water outage and the probability of low water pressure, along with a “boil notice”, Portales Schools will be cancelled. Personnel in central office, custodians, technology, and maintenance staff need to report to work per usual.

There is currently non-potable water available from a tanker at the main C&S parking lot in Portales, near the tire shop. The public is requested to bring their own containers.There will soon be potable water available at both the C&S main parking lot and the Walmart parking lot near the gas station. There will be officers on hand to assist the public in retrieving water, again the public is requested to bring their own containers. And Enchantment Vineyards is currently serving water to the public.

You can also call 575-359-4801 for more information.

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