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Portales Schools release in-person school attendance summary

PORTALES (KSMX)- Based upon current health orders and guidance from the Public Education Department, the Governor and NM Department of Health, schools may open in a hybrid type environment for the 2020-2021 school year. Portales Schools have released an in-person attendance summary to accommodate health orders and COVID-Safe practices.

Portales Municipal School District understands that not all parents are comfortable sending their children to school during the COVID 19 crisis. Therefore, the District is offering a Distance Education program for all students as well. Students enrolled in the Distance Program may not participate in extracurricular activities where being with other students is required. However, if available, these students may participate in activities that can be completed online. If any online extracurricular activities become available students will be notified of how they can participate. The District also prefers that students who begin Distance Instruction remain in Distance Instruction throughout the entire semester.

Pre-K, Pre-School (3-year-olds), and Kindergarten full-time attendance will begin on September 1:

  • Students in these grades will be assessed over the two previous weeks. Parents will be contacted to make an appointment for an assessment time.
  • Kindergarten students will attend Tuesday through Friday beginning September 1.
  • Pre-K and Pre-School will attend school 2 full days each week. Approximately one-half of students will attend Tuesday and Wednesday and the other half will attend on Thursday and Friday.
  • During the week of October 5, Kindergarten students will attend Monday through Thursday, while Pre-K and Pre-School will change to Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday due to the fall break.

Grades 1-6 will begin full-time attendance on August 25:

  • These students will attend in-person on Tuesday through Friday except the week of October 5, in which students will attend Monday through Thursday due to the Fall break.

Students in grades 7 – 12 will attend school in a cohort model on August 18:

  • Approximately one-half of students will attend Tuesday and Wednesday and the other half will attend Thursday and Friday, except for the week of October 5, in which students will attend Monday through Thursday due to the Fall break.
  • Students will attend Distance Learning coursework on the days they are not in school. Even though they are not in attendance at school, the expectation is that they attend online and complete all assignments as required.
  • Students who do not have internet access or computer devices will be loaned a Chromebook. A hotspot with internet access will also be provided to these students.

Grading of assignments and assessments will be completed and recorded as required by the PMSD policy. No grades of Pass or Fail will be submitted to students.

Distance Learning:

In order to attend Distance school, your home must have internet access. If you do not have internet access at home, the District can loan you a hotspot that will provide internet access. The District can also loan students Chromebooks for school use. Because of the nature of the program, each student in the home will need a computer device. Although the District has Chromebooks to loan, the supply is limited, therefore; students who do not have a device will be given first priority. It is preferred that families with a desktop, laptop, or tablet use their personal devices. However, a family with only one computer and more than one child can request a Chromebook so that each student has his or her own device.

  • Distance Learning Students must attend school every day as if they were in school. Google Classroom will be the platform used to deliver instruction and most assignments. (Instructional videos and information can be found on the PMSD website.)
  • Grades Kindergarten through 6 grade will receive daily instruction from a teacher at their school. Lessons will include live instruction created by the teacher. The live instruction will be recorded and can be used for review at a later time. Assignments will be provided online either through Google Classroom or by e-mail.
  • Most assignments will not need to be printed but will be completed in Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will grade assignments and provide feedback through Google Classroom and by e-mail to the parent and the student. Teachers will provide information as to how they can be contacted and will hold regular business hours so that parents and students may contact them with questions or to obtain information.
  • Student attendance will be recorded daily. Students who do not logon as required will be counted as absent. Habitual absences will result in consequences as outlined in School District policy and by State law.
  • Online assessments will be given to all students prior to the beginning of actual instruction. It is imperative that parents proctor these assessments and do not provide any assistance to their children, other than technical assistance. These assessments are not provided for grades, but as a means to allow the teacher to understand what level of instruction is required for a student. This will help teachers determine what instruction was lacking from the Spring 2020 semester and develop lessons that will more adequately reinforce what was learned last school year and provide a good starting point for this school year.
  • Periodic progress monitoring will be completed throughout the school year to provide needed progress data to help ensure students are learning and retaining the information.

Grades K–3 will have a curriculum that basically focuses on the instruction of Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics. Science and Social Studies will also be introduced.

Grades 4–6 will have instruction in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Although much more difficult to provide, students will have opportunities and guidance for physical education, art, and music.

Students in Grades 7–12 will be provided online instruction using the Edgenuity platform. Students must login to these classes and complete the assignments daily. Attendance requirements must be met as though the student was in a classroom setting.

Students who wish to transfer to regular classes may do so for the second semester. Students who return to regular classes midterm, will not be allowed to return to distance learning classes within the same semester.

Elective classes are also offered under this program. Parents and students will be contacted by the school counselor to assist in setting up a schedule of required and elective credits that are needed to successfully complete junior high school requirements and ensure that the proper classes are taken in high school to meet requirements for graduation. The District provides teacher support for all of its Edgenuity Online classes. Students in these classes will be provided information regarding who to contact for assistance. Teachers will be able to offer program technical assistance along with assistance with understanding and tutoring when necessary.



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