Sat. May 18th, 2024

Portales mother files lawsuit against the state of New Mexico

(PORTALES)- After more than two years since the death of Maliyah Jones, her mother is now stating that the state of New Mexico shares responsibility in the hot car death of her child.

Erika Tafoya’s daughter, Maliyah Jones, was killed back in July 2017 when she was left in a hot car for nearly three hours. Sandi and Mary Taylor, who operated Taylor Lots Daycare, had taken a group of kids to the park that day. When they returned to the daycare, they forgot two children in the car.

Now, Tafoya has filed a lawsuit against the daycare, the state’s Human Services Department, and CYFD. She says the state failed to make sure policies were being followed at the daycare.

The second child has made a miraculous recovery but still suffers with some motor functions.

Both women were convicted of child abuse, and back in March, a judge sentenced Mary Taylor to 36-years and Sand i Taylor to 30 years.

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