Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Portales Mayor releases statement on city’s hardships and plans for “getting back to business”

PORTALES (KSEL)- Many local government officials have released statements across rural New Mexico acknowledging the financial determinants local businesses have endured due to the ongoing pandemic.

Local governments in the area have passed resolutions asking Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to rethink public health mandates and hopes state government will reach out/work with the county to help make decisions more locally than blanket decisions.

Portales Mayor Ron Jackson has now released a statement on the hardships the city has experienced:

“The City of Portales City Manager, Council and I share the serious concerns of the businesses in Portales from the biggest to the smallest. We all prosper when the meekest of us prosper. We understand that the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic will be felt for years to come with losses of family members and losses in livelihoods.

Administration and I are working to develop a plan to begin the process of getting back to business with special care that the spread of the virus is limited to a minimum in our community. The Mayors and City Administrators in the state have been in the conference along with State legislators to address the problems and concerns of all our communities.

We too feel your frustration.“

On April 28, all 24 New Mexico House Republican members delivered a letter to Governor Lujan Grisham highlighting the need for her to modify her Public Health Orders to ensure all New Mexicans are treated with “justice, fairness, and equity”.

The letter outlines a growing frustration with the Governor’s “one size fits all” approach across New Mexico and urges her to recognize that local community leaders must have a stronger voice in determining when local businesses can reopen.

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