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Portales High School Seniors will take part in Drive-In Graduation

PORTALES (KSMX)- It’s been approximately two months since schools in New Mexico were closed due to the ongoing health crisis and in that time, teachers worked endlessly along with parents to ensure that their students were on track to have the knowledge needed to successfully move forward. However, with the end of the year creeping forward so is the question many seniors will be asking: what about graduation?

After a great deal of thought and consideration, the Portales Municipal Schools Board of Education has approved a plan for a graduation ceremony for seniors that will be unconventional but give credit where credit certainly is due.

On May 23, at 10:00 am, a Drive-In Graduation will be held throughout the town starting at the high school Ram Athletic Center parking lot. Although graduates, parents, and guests must remain in their cars during the ceremony, when it is time to distribute diplomas, graduates will be able to leave their vehicles, with social distancing in mind, and walk across a stage to receive their diplomas.

Parents, along with their household family and graduate will have reserved parking to the west of the RAM ATHLETIC CENTER (RAC) at Portales High School.  Others will be able to park in the band practice area of the parking lot with entrance from Amazon Street to the north of the RAC.

Following the graduation, senior families and guests will be dismissed in an orderly manner and can participate in a Senior Graduation Parade that will travel from the high school to ENMU and conclude on South Ave. 0.

“Even though this is not the end of the year we anticipated and not the graduation we expected, it will be unique to the graduating class of 2020,” Portales Superindent Johnnie Cain. “This hasn’t been perfect, but everyone persevered and we will finish another school year.  Already we are planning ways in which we can provide extra interventions and assistance to our students when they return in the fall to help make sure that they are all caught up as quickly as possible.  Our goal is that everyone will be on track to have the knowledge needed to successfully move forward”.

Other important information for students and parents:

  • After Friday, May 15, there will be no more assignments required. Some high school students may need to complete semester exams that week or finish turning in any late assignments they may have.
  • School Officials will be asking parents who borrowed Chromebooks to return them beginning on May 18.
  • Report cards will be mailed to parents the week of the 25.
  • Summer School will be canceled for all students instead school officials are creating plans for additional interventions, after-school programs, and other innovative ideas to help students who may need additional help when returning in the fall.

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