Sat. May 18th, 2024

Plans move forward for all judging exhibits, livestock shows, and agricultural programs

CLOVIS (KSMX)- The Curry County Commission Board voted unanimously that plans will move forward for all judging exhibits, livestock shows, and agricultural programs that were planned for this year during the 100th Curry County Fair.

Commissioners agreed that these programs are “so important to those who compete in them” and can be manageable with public health orders restricting mass gatherings of 100 or less.

Commissioner Spear stated that competitors worked around the clock and worked so hard on their projects, that the county needs to support these participants and find a way to have this event. The board members agreed that the daytime events drew in a much smaller crowd than the entertainment portion of the fair.

“I find it ironic that the governor commended thousands of people who took part in protests and violated many health mandates but continues to tell people to stay home and restricts mass gatherings due to the ongoing pandemic,” Commissioner Spear stated. “With all due respect, but you cannot have it both ways.”

Many commissioners seemed to be in agreeance that the health orders are unfair to this area and to the people. Although the third phase of reopening the state will take place in early July and includes mass gatherings of 100 people or less; fair attendance is much, much more.  County Manager Lance Pyle noted the significant losses that could be seen operating with less capacity. Pyle stated in a letter to commissioners that declining to operate the fair would cost the county about $24,000 but operating the fair at a 50% capacity will mean about a $100,000 loss.

With no timeline for Phase Four of the state’s recovery plan and entertainment contract deadlines approaching, the commission board will have to make decisions soon.

The board will meet on June 10 to further discuss decisions pertaining to the concerts, carnival and other entertainment planned.


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