Fri. May 24th, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- Police Chief Doug Ford confirmed with YourNewsNM, that Brent Aguilar has left the Clovis Police Department, by his own choice to pursue other career opportunities.

Aguilar had been accused of using excessive force with a K-9 unit in a recent welfare check earlier this year. Last October a decision from a panel of New Mexico district attorneys ruled that a fatal police shooting last fall, in Clovis, involving Aguilar was justified. Aguilar attempted to stop a vehicle when at that time the driver took off on foot, leading officers on a foot pursuit. During the pursuit, Officer Aguilar saw another officer fall, yelling that the man in pursuit had something in his hands. Officer Aguilar said as he was running toward Aaron Chavez with the intent to take him into custody when he saw Chavez’s right hand inside his right pocket. Video evidence showed a chaotic scene over the six-second chase. While the footage shows first-person perspective of Aguilar sprinting toward Chavez, stopping abruptly and shooting, it’s difficult to see Chavez’ movements or anything in his hands.

However, in interviews with officers, Aguilar said Chavez swung his arm in a circular motion in his direction. Aguilar told investigators he believed Chavez held a knife.

Aguilar had not been contacted for comment.

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