Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


SANTA FE (KSXM)- Albuquerque-State Senator and former UNM football player Mark Moores will be sponsoring legislation to allow college student-athletes to receive paid endorsements.

Currently, in New Mexico and across the country, paid endorsement deals are not allowed. They are not allowed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In California this week, a bill was signed into law to allow paid endorsements; the new law takes effect in 2023.

Senator Moores is drafting his bill after that successful legislation. His NM Fair Play Bill would allow college athletes to be able to make money from endorsement deals and still be allowed to play their sports on campus.

“I believe in the winning concept of freedom. Freedom for student-athletes to be able to receive paid endorsements for their hard work. Student-athletes deserve the liberty to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is fair, ” Senator Moores said.

College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry and the students who do the work in the college stadiums deserve something more if someone likes their image; other students are allowed to have jobs and work but student-athletes are not, Moores said. Senator Moores said the California bill that was signed into law this week received unanimous, bipartisan support.

He said he believes a New Mexico Fair Play Bill would pass as successfully because the issue involves fairness, free enterprise, civil rights, and equal rights, things most legislators agree with.

Former UCLA football player and Executive Director of the National College Players Association (NCPA) Ramogi Huma stated, “We are grateful that Senator Mark Moores is committed to fighting to ensure New Mexico college athletes are able to secure protections and freedoms afforded to other students and residents of New Mexico. It’s especially gratifying knowing that he is a former college athlete himself.”

The NCPA was a co-sponsor of the California Fair Play Act and intends to support Senator Moores’ bill. Senator Moores said it is reported that the college sports industry generates at least $14 billion a year yet no hard-working college athlete receives a significant portion of that. Under Senator Moores’ NM Fair Playbill, New Mexico college athletes would be allowed to promote products and companies for payment and would still be allowed to play; the schools and the NCAA would not be able to bar students from participating in their sport.

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