Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


The New Mexico Department of Health announced today that New Mexico’s vaccination website – – now enables users to complete comprehensive personal profiles. These profiles – which include personal medical conditions and employment information, along with other key data – allow the state to notify New Mexicans when vaccine doses become available in their area.

“Our highest priorities remain the same: ensuring that vaccine goes to those who are most exposed to infected people or infectious materials, and preventing vaccine from going to waste,” said DOH Secretary-Designate Dr. Tracie Collins. “ allows us to contact New Mexicans and match them with local vaccination opportunities.”

For New Mexicans who wish to register for vaccine, the process is simple:

  1. Users submit basic contact information, including their employment category and medical conditions.
  2. Users are then contacted and prompted to fill out additional demographic and insurance information, at which point their profile is complete. (Vaccinations are free, but providing insurance information helps support the cost of the vaccination program.)
  3. Users wait to receive a notification that they may schedule a vaccination – and on the day of their appointment, they fill out a medical questionnaire about their current health.

The state will also launch a vaccine call center in the coming days, providing additional support for those who wish to register or ask questions about the process. A news release will accompany the call center launch.

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