Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

New Mexico lawmakers propose anti-hazing legislation

It has been nearly a year since the New Mexico State University men’s basketball team hazing and assault allegations surfaced, shedding light on an issue state legislators are now taking much more seriously. New Mexico is one of six states that don’t currently have any type of anti-hazing laws, a fact that some lawmakers hope to change with the introduction of a new bill.

Senate Bill 55 aims to establish an Anti-Hazing Act in New Mexico. Requiring all public and private universities and colleges to create a hazing prevention committee to educate students, keep a record of all reported instances of hazing, and classify hazing as a misdemeanor.

The bill would also focus on educating students about hazing and holding institutions accountable and require colleges and universities to file an annual report detailing hazing on athletics teams, within student clubs, or residential programs.

Senate Bill 55 has already passed one Senate committee and will head to Senate Judiciary next.

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