Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

New Mexico kids to receive free meals this upcoming school year

Starting this school year, students will get free breakfast and lunch.

The 2023-2024 school year means positive change for New Mexico students. This year, students in New Mexico will receive free breakfast and lunch at school. Officials are shifting from pre-packaged foods to more nutritional foods, specifically to include locally sourced produce.

Kendall Chavez, the Food and Hunger Policy Advisor to the governor, assures parents that districts will be held accountable for serving freshly prepared meals. For Chavez, investing in meals means investing in higher quality meals for children, so that every child has access to health. This also helps with economic development in the state of New Mexico, starting with one school district in the Southeast that has chosen to purchase its meat products from local ranchers and meat processors.

The universal free meals plan was passed during this legislative session. According to the education agency’s projections, around 70,000 kids across the state will no longer feel the economic impact of having to pay for meals. (KAOT, Alyssa Munoz, 7.26.23)

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