Sat. May 18th, 2024


CLOVIS (KSMX)- For the past 8 years, a National Day of Prayer has been held and conducted at the courthouse steps in Clovis NM. At the root of this event is Dr. Sistar Yancy and the group Christian Believers. Originally from California, Dr. Yancy had noticed a trend of high school aged kids hanging out around her neighborhood participating in illegal substances and such. She took action by opening up her garage to them allowing them to have a place to hang out, do homework and keeping them off the street. After sometime, the community came forward and help her get a store front property where the group, Christian Believers was founded. After retiring, Dr. Yancy found herself moving closer to her brother who happened to be living in Clovis, NM and old habits die hard. She found another home for the Christian Believers and from this point on has been doing their best to being a light in the community for more than just children. They are located at 209 w 7th street and hold a women’s prayer brunch at their second location at 501 Main Street.

Millions of Americans across all 50 states have gathered in churches, local business and any point of interest to participate in the National Day of Prayer. For Clovis, NM, 22 organizations participated this morning (May 2nd) in group worship/readings all around town and at noon the community gathered in one area, the steps of the courthouse, to partake in prayer and worship. Many community officials lead the gathering in prayer for government, education and military.  A national broadcast of this event can be at 7:30 p.m. EDT on theDayStar Television Network,, or on our National Day of Prayer Facebook page.

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