Fri. May 24th, 2024


STATEWIDE (KSMX)- Because April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, wanted to look into individual state cell phone laws to determine which states have the harshest and most lenient laws in place to keep drivers safe. They examined all cell phone and distracted driving laws currently in place to create a grading metric and rate each states’ safety accordingly.

Based on a scale from most laws to least and national distracted related accidents, New Mexico scored a B. The state of New Mexico has three cells phone laws in place to keep people from being distracted while driving, However, according to the findings of, those states who had less laws in place suffered less distracted related accidents.


Let’ Statistics:

* States that ban hand-held devices experienced an average of 11.22 fatal accidents per 100,000. States that do not ban hand-held devices       Experienced an average of 13.49 fatal accidents per 100,000.

* 9.2 percent of all fatal crashes were due to distracted driving accidents.

* People in their twenties had the highest rate of fatal car crashes.

* Men were more likely to be involved in distracted driving-related crashes

* Montana had zero distracted driving laws in place to protect drivers.

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