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PORTALES (KSEL)- Throughout what seemed to be a very emotional case, this afternoon (May 22, 2019) Angel Loya has plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter which is a 3rd degree felony in result of a death of a human being. In April of 2018, Dylan McKay was shot and killed during an altercation between himself and Loya involving romantic relationship disputes with the mother of Loya’s child and ex-girlfriend of McKay’s.

Bradi Carthel, mother of Dylan McKay’s child, spoke on behalf of the family stating the death of McKay has left an outstanding emotional effect on her child and that she will have to grow up without a father. Carthel stated, “the people involved in the matter were immature and had failed to grow up resulting in life altering decisions that not only included themselves but the children who are the real sufferers”.

Defense Attorney, Gary Mitchell, argued that this case was like one he has never seen before. Loya came to him no record, hardworking and at the end of the day there is not necessarily a specific charge for this particular case. Mitchell stated, “this tragedy was brought on by many people and conflict therefore resulted with the two men at the end”.

The state sought out a maximum sentence of a 2nd degree felony (15 years) but because of the many different arguments of imperfect self-defense, both the Defense Attorney and Deputy District Attorney (Jake Boazman) came to the conclusion that the facts are well known and if this trial came to a jury, it would take many times to be resolved and would ultimately lead to the same outcome.

After a short recess, Honorable Judge Donna Mower sentenced Loya to the maximum of 6 years in a corrections facility on top of fines and court fees. She stated, “there are no winners in this type of situation only losers, actions have consequences”.

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