Sat. May 18th, 2024

Logan High School hosted drive-thru graduation after being informed of possible fines

LOGAN (KSMX)- Many high schools in the state were forced to change a tradition that all graduating seniors look forward to after twelve years of hard work. In the local area, Clovis High School held a virtual graduation for its 2020 graduating seniors along with a drive-thru graduation for Portales High School seniors.

Every superintendent noted that though this was not what seniors may have deserved, staff, teachers, and administration strived to make it as special as possible.

Logan High School thought “outside the state of New Mexico” to give graduating seniors their credit. However, due to many variables and COVID-19 concerns, the high school finished its year with a drive-thru ceremony.

Logan High School Administration announced on their Facebook page that the Class of 2020 graduation ceremony would take place on the football field this past Saturday with social distancing guidelines observed. However, officials were contacted by the New Mexico Public Education Department and were informed that the “Department of Health is prepared to fine the school district $5000 for each individual participant attending graduation at our football field.”

Given the number of tickets issued to families of the graduates, the fine would total over $1.75 million.

As a result, school officials planned on moving the graduation ceremony to the First Baptist Church of Dalhart, TX. “We regret the inconvenience, but we remain committed to providing graduation for our seniors!”

However,  after changing locations of the ceremony, a Texas county judge intervened and informed the church that they could not hold the ceremony there.

So, despite the school’s best efforts to provide “seniors with the graduation they truly deserve, we are left with little option but to distribute diplomas as the graduates (and their families) drive through our school property, one vehicle at a time”.


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