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On Tuesday June 15th, 2021, Hestands Floral and Gifts shop owner, Rose Richards, thought she was opening her store like any other day. She arrives at 8:00 am through her rear entrance, but this morning she noticed something was off. Outside in the shop’s driveway between Subway and Hestands, she noticed someone adjusting her water meter. When Rose approached the gentlemen, he explained he’d gotten the water meter confused with Subway’s and went on his way. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of what was probably one of the longest days Rose and her Hestands’ staff have had in a while.

Outside on the left wall facing the driveway, Rose noticed two large holes. Unaware that earlier that morning around 1:00 am there were reports of gunshots in the area her store is located, off of 2nd St, in Portales New Mexico. Not even registering what had happened, Rose walked into the building to find glass and debris covering the floor of the front area of the shop. Soon after noticing the glass and debris, Rose called Portales PD. After further observation, Rose noticed her front windows and curtains had bullet holes and were covered in gun powder. Shortly after arriving, Portales Police officers tried to contact Something Different Grill next door and La Casa Del Pan Bakery across the street to see if their outside cameras had picked up anything, but at that time of morning, neither store had opened yet.

The total damages of the store were: the two front windows, each with bullet holes, a display case right behind the front left window shattered, another window inside the store that is part of a room that houses plants has a bullet hole, and the cooler door in the back of the building has a bullet lodged inside. A rough estimate of over  three thousand dollars worth of damage was done. As of right now, there are no suspects or witnesses involving the shooting incident.

“I just feel violated,” stated Rose. Out of the 13 and a half years that Rose has owned this building, they haven’t seen anything like this.

In the midst of all the chaos, Rose and her staff (Jessa Muir, Charlotte Roberts, and Anisten Tapia) are thankful for the community of Portales for rallying behind them and lending a helping hand during their time of need.

“We’ve had people come by and help us with clean up, the owner of the other flower shop in town has reached out to see if we needed anything, and just the outpouring of love and support we’ve seen on social media has just been heartwarming.”

If anyone knows or has any information regarding the shooting; please contact the Portales Police Department or Rose Richards. Hestands Florals and Gifts are back open and operating on their normal business hours. Below are photos provided by the Hestands staff of the damages done that morning.

As of June 18th, 2021, the Portales Police department have issued the following statement regarding this shooting:

”Today Detectives conducted a search warrant and interview relating to the criminal damage to the business in the 800 block of West 2nd Street. Subsequently Mauricio Jose Vidana was arrested for shooting at or from a motor vehicle and criminal damage over $1,000. We appreciate the public’s assistance in this matter.”

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