Fri. May 24th, 2024

Economic Development Department announces business partnership

Media Release, Roosevelt County Community Development Department:


In March of 2024, Creighton’s Town & Country teamed up with Foote Meats to provide
quality meat in Portales/Roosevelt County. Foote Meats has a reach in freezer located
within Creighton’s.

Business owner Leslie Creighton said, “We’ve been excited about the community’s
initial response to Foote meats being in Portales and we are excited to work with a family
of local ranchers to serve our customers and Portales locals in this way.”

“Agricultures is and has always been the backbone of our community and we’re excited to bring
another sector of the agriculture industry to Portales with Foote meats.”

We are excited to add Foote meats to our community and support their partnership with
Creighton’s Town & Country.

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