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Listening community continues to rally together for the 18th year of Secret Santa

CLOVIS (KSMX)- For 18 years, local radio station Mix 107.5 in Clovis, has teamed up with the community to bring a Christmas to those who have struggled with trials beyond their control.

This program has been dubbed, Secret Santa.

While putting together one “entertaining/foolish stunt” by the radio personalities, the station then broadcasts the all-day affair to the public. The stunts have ranged from thing like the hosts camping out on billboards, being buried alive or sitting in a porta-potty until the money has been raised. Which usually takes around 12 hours.

Each year the station hopes to raise $16,000 through donations to help 8 families. However, in its entirety, the High Plains listening community has donated approximately $330,000 to this program.

This year was no objection.

After a day’s worth of broadcasting and a community full of generosity, the Secret Santa 2019 program brought in $24,000 and 4 extra families received gifts, trees, ornaments, Christmas Dinner and a larger gift usually in the form of $1000 cash. This year 2 cars were given to families as their “bigger” gift.

Station owner, Duffy Moon’s motivation for this program came after a tragic fire in 1988 took everything away from his family right before Christmas.

“Secret Santa is by far the most important thing we do year in and year out as a radio station group because it shows the power of local radio and how local radio can rally their community together to help those who need it. So, putting all the silly jokes and music aside, when you have the ability to literally rally a community together… it is an awesome responsibility.”

To date, Secret Santa has given Christmas to 150 struggling families across the High Plains. Approximately 680 people have been a direct recipient of a visit from Secret Santa.

Each year, an estimated 75 listeners volunteer their time to help with the different aspects of the program. Countless businesses jump on board to volunteer time, money, supplies, etc. to help make the program a success.

Secret Santa has provided the final Christmas for 17 critically ill children and their families.

“Many of them visit with us years later and tell us how Secret Santa was a blessing to them and their family at a time in which they really needed it. It’s a very sad reality that many times, our delivery marks the final Christmas for little ones who are suffering.”

What was started as a local radio station charity event has turned into a community-driven project each year with more asking the question, “how can we help”.

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