Sat. May 18th, 2024


SANTA FE (KSMX) – It’s busy time for lawmakers, as a bill in the New Mexico House would require all new school buses to be equipped with seat belts.  It also calls for state of the art stability controls and collision avoidance systems. If approved, it would require all new buses purchased in 2020 to have the new safety requirement. Currently eight states have similar laws.


Meanwhile in the Senate, there’s a proposed bill that would allow all reserve police officers to have concealed handguns while off duty without a permit. Only State Police reserves can do that now. Supporters say, if an officer has proper training, they are qualified to carry.  That’s training the general public doesn’t have access to.


Another gun control bill, this one from the House, felons found in possession of gun face stiffer penalties. Under proposed legislation, the crime would be toughed to a third-degree felony and double the prison sentence to three years. Previous versions of the bill have died in committee.

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