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Leftover draw licenses go on sale June 24

SANTA FE (KSMX)- The Department of Game and Fish have announced that the 711 deer and 56 youth-only pronghorn licenses that were not issued during the annual 2020-2021 big-game draw will go on sale at 10 a.m. June 24, through the Departments Online License System.

According to the department, New Mexico residents will get first shot at the licenses for the first 24 hours of the first-come, first-served sale. The sale will be opened to non-residents at 10 a.m. June 25.

Because these are leftover draw licenses, purchasing a leftover deer or pronghorn license will render youth and/or senior hunters ineligible to purchase an encouragement elk license during the upcoming sale in July.

To buy a leftover license, hunters must possess an annual game Hunting or Game Hunting and Fishing license. Hunters may buy the Game Hunting license, the Habitat Stamp and the Habitat Management Access Validation by logging into their account and clicking the Over-The-Counter Licenses, Permits and Stamps link under License Sales 2020.

After the Game Hunting License has been purchased, click the 2020-2021 Leftover Draw Licenses link to go to the sale.

Hunters are strongly encouraged to be logged in and review their account before the sale begins. Popular licenses often sell out in minutes, sometimes seconds, after sales begin. Hunters are advised that they must provide a valid mailing address at the time of purchase. A license/tag will be mailed to the hunter for all approved purchases within 14 days of the purchase, unless the e-tag option is selected.

Hunters planning to purchase a leftover license must have completed all mandatory 2019-2020 harvest reporting requirements or their purchase will be rejected in the post-sale audit. The license fee, but not the application fee, will be refunded for rejected purchases.

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